Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel

Meet Diane

Based in South Florida

My curiosity for travel started at a very young age on my first flight with my parents to their hometown of Haiti. Ever since, I have been fixated with the idea of seeing the world. Like many people, it was not until later in life I began to appreciate the value of travel and its lifelong impact. I now realized travel is an experience that should invoke connections, increase inward growth, and promote a deeper appreciation for the destination. It is that deepened sense of appreciation for exploring new destinations that fuels my drive to curate amazing travel experiences for family and friends alike.

Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel provides an environment for continued growth and fostered my ability to immerse myself in geographical knowledge and experiential learning. This has equipped me with the tools necessary to provide a high level of service in cultivating experiences for my clients.

My goal is to curate a vacation where the client is met in an atmosphere of opulence and luxurious self-indulgence. Each itinerary is custom designed to create personalized and extraordinary encounters.

Fun Fact

About Me

Whenever I have the itch for traveling and can’t decide a destination, I research the top restaurants in a few different locations and throw it in a hat. Whatever I draw, that’s where I visit! And of course, the restaurant that brought me there is a must visit within the first two days of my stay.

My Journey

Favorite Destination

My journey has led me to many beautiful places. But it was my visit to Barcelona that truly took my breath away. From the food, culture, and the people it was just such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to provide that experience for my clients. I am not just a Travel Advisor, but a vessel that will escort clients to the next step in their journey to an elevated travel lifestyle, another umph, the “Je ne sais quoi” factor.

Bespoke Experience

Natasha A.

"Working with me is WORK but Diane showed patience and concern to make sure I was comfortable. It also helps when you’re working with a travel agent that has actually traveled and can provide first hand experience to countries and accommodations."

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” …