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My Footprints


As I embark on my global adventures, I find myself leaving fragments of my heart in various corners of the world. One such place that holds a special piece is the captivating Greek Island of Santorini. From the moment I set foot on this island perched delicately atop a submerged volcano, gazing upon a breathtaking caldera adorned with pristine whitewashed houses and azure-blue roofs, while being embraced by the expansive Aegean Sea, sheer wonder overwhelmed me. The warmth of the locals and the delectable culinary delights were delightful surprises that enhanced my experience. However, the pinnacle of enchantment for me occurred each evening as I beheld the most awe-inspiring sunsets imaginable. As the sun gracefully descended below the horizon, the heavens ignited in a kaleidoscope of yellow, orange, red, and purple hues. Utterly priceless! It is these very moments that I cherish, yearning to craft and share them with my esteemed clientele.

Meet Lisa

Based in South Florida

As owner and CEO of Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel (PPLT), I am a travel professional and entrepreneur devoted to creating unforgettable luxury vacations. The PPLT enterprise offers people a road map toward elevating their travel lifestyle. We utilize our extensive travel acumen to craft itineraries tailored to each client’s specifications. Our renowned white glove service ensures a sumptuously organic and fulfilling travel experience for our patrons while creating lasting memories.

I have always harbored a deep love for travel. It brings me immense joy to not only explore new places and immerse myself in different cultures, but also to indulge in the luxuries along the way. As I embarked on my own journeys and shared my experiences, I found that my family and friends frequently sought my assistance in planning their trips. As the requests extended beyond my immediate circle and more people entrusted me with their travel needs, it became clear to me that travel is my true life’s purpose.

I launched Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel in February 2016, initially as a part-time venture. However, in December 2018, I proudly made the transition to become a full-time entrepreneur. For me, living and creating a travel lifestyle is not just a job, but an integral part of who I am. Drawing from my own experiences as a seasoned traveler with a strong affinity for refined preferences, I have acquired the skills to curate bespoke and unforgettable vacations. Each trip is meticulously crafted around my clients’ interests and desires, ensuring a truly unique and memorable journey for them.

I am thrilled about the future of Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel, where we are dedicated to imprinting the mark of luxury on every aspect of travel!


Fun Fact

about me

Every time I enter a country and my passport gets stamped, I can't help but feel a surge of excitement and anticipation. It's like a wave of goosebumps washes over me. Each new stamp serves as a tangible reminder that in just a few moments, I'll step into a whole new world, ready to explore and indulge in its wonders. The feeling is truly inexplicable, a thrilling mixture of exhilaration and awe that fuels my adventurous spirit.

Bespoke Experience


I feel immense joy when I receive testimonials from satisfied clients. It warms my heart and reaffirms that I made the right decision.

“Gabe and I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip to Italy for us!  From the drivers to the hotels, you really set us up with the best!  It is so nice to have everything all planned out for you without having to worry about a thing.  We had time to enjoy the experience without having to worry about late drivers or incorrect reservations.  The excursions you recommended were also top notch. Thank you for putting together such a memorable experience.  We look forward to utilizing your services in the future.”

Travel is my Love language