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Favorite Destination

When asked about my favorite trip, I cannot help but smile, for each journey has been a kaleidoscope of experiences, a mosaic of emotions, and a testament to the beauty of exploration. In the tapestry of my travels, every thread is woven with intention, every stitch a testament to the boundless wonders awaiting discovery. And while I may never be able to choose just one favorite trip, I am grateful for the myriad memories that have colored my adventures and shaped the person I am today.

Meet Jodi

Based in South Florida

Escaping the ordinary can rejuvenate the soul! My passion for exploring the world has always driven me. Initially, I planned travels exclusively within the United States, feeling daunted by the idea of international adventures. Does that sound familiar? However, after expanding my horizons, I now eagerly seek new adventures, regardless of location. Life’s twists and turns, including a divorce, a career change, and overcoming breast cancer, have transformed me into a warrior. I chose to embrace each day fully and opened myself to a world of possibilities.

My passion for travel has extended beyond mere exploration. Family, Friends, and Colleagues often seek my advice and recommendations for their travel plans, and I’ve had the joy of sometimes sharing planned experiences with them. Invariably, we find ourselves planning the next adventure while still on one.

As a devoted patron of Passport Pleasures Luxury Travel, I was inspired by my passion for travel to join a company dedicated to crafting extraordinary travel experiences for clients. As a committed member, I’m driven by the desire to assist clients in exploring the world through travel. My dedication lies in tailoring experiences to clients’ desires and needs, utilizing my firsthand knowledge to guarantee an unmatched journey.

I’m genuinely excited to help client’s live out their dreams!

Fun Fact

About Me

Fun Fact: I judge cheerleading competitions, both nationally and internationally, which has further fueled my love for travel. Through my role as a judge, I have had the privilege of visiting numerous destinations. Whether it's attending a championship in a bustling metropolis or a regional competition in a quaint town, each journey allows me to explore new places, savor different cuisines, and connect with people from all walks of life.

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``Travel weaves a tapestry of memories, each thread a cherished moment.``