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Meet Dee

Based in South Florida

My passion for travel and exploring new destinations have long been part of my being. Growing up I was always of intrigued  by international destinations and learning about other cultures. This desire led me to joining the United States Air Force which afforded me the opportunity to travel the world and experience a world I had only dreamed of. After retiring, I soon realized my fire was still burning to see unexplored places. My travels continued, and when I was not traveling, I was planning vacations for my family and friends. I became the unofficial vacation planner.

I have experienced many cultures and cuisines and immersed myself in history and still my heart’s desire is to see more.  Come join me for the adventure of a lifetime and let’s experience the world with me.  Through the eyes of my clients, I will experience many more locations than I can ever dream of.  Fostering the desire to travel is just the beginning of our journey together.

As part of Passport Pleasures, I will work tirelessly to curate vacations that will not only peak your travel interest but fan the flames of desire for more exotic and off-the-beaten path locations that you can only dream of. My energy and unwavering commitment to fulfilling your vacations desires, will surely dictate that my clients will take deserved breaks from the stressors of life that will only peak their interest for more. My travel experiences and desire to make my clients the envy of all their friends and family give me the tools to take you for the ride of your life.

Indulge yourself, let me be your guide!

Fun Fact

About Me

The first day of my vacation is designated as “Veg Day”! Over the years, I’ve developed a routine of surrendering to complete solitude at the beginning of my vacations. No alarms, no phones, no activities, just me swaddled in the ultra-luxury linens while listening to the music of the ocean waves or the whistling of the wind as it passes through the leaves. I can feel the stressors of life melting away with every passing moment. After my day of self-indulgence is enjoyed, the rest of my vacation is spent full steam ahead exploring the destination much to my husband's delight.

My Journey

Favorite Destination

There are so many places that I have left pieces of my heart, however, Italy has a large chunk. The history, architecture, food & wine, all coupled with the landscape and beautiful people, makes Italy the place I can truly say stole a piece of my heart. This feeling I shared is the exact emotions I want my clients to experience on the vacations I curate for them. My goal is to create luxurious experiences for my clients that outweighs anything they ever imagined.

Bespoke Experience

Irma R.

"Dee McNair guided me through the whole planning process from beginning to end. She was detailed, knowledgeable and efficient. She stuck to our budget and still made sure it was luxurious."

. . .

To Travel is to Live