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Meet LaWana

Based in Maryland

My interest in travel was sparked during my first flight at the age of 6.  For years I  took trips without truly experiencing the destination. Like many people, it was not until later in life I came to the realization that I was merely scratching the surface. I now realize travel is an experience that should invoke connections, increase inward growth, and promote a deeper appreciation for the destination. Once my travel became experiential, my passion was ignited, and travel became my obsession!

I want to see more, experience more and indulge more in destinations. I now envision myself visiting Jungfrau, the highest summit in the Swiss Alps or getting my steps in climbing The Great Wall of China. These are examples of adventures I not only dream about but I delight in planning for my clients.

The atmosphere at Passport Pleasures has fostered my ability to continually immerse myself in geographical knowledge and experiential learning.  This has equipped me with the tools necessary to provide a high level of service in cultivating experiences for my clients. My goal is to curate a vacation where the client is met in an atmosphere of opulence and luxurious self-indulgence. Each itinerary is custom-designed to create personalized and extraordinary encounters.

My ultimate desire is to elevate your experiences and make them unforgettable!!!

Fun Fact

about me

I love sunsets! I have been known to pull off to the side of the road just to watch the sun disappear from the horizon. No matter where I am in the world, nothing excites me more than capturing the brilliant colors illuminating the sky as the sun meets the water.

My Journey

Favorite Destination

One of my favorite places to escape to is Jamaica. The majestic mountains provide the perfect backdrop for some of the most amazing views of the island. With its turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and the laid back spirit of the people, Jamaica is truly a tropical paradise. Negril, located on the south coast of the island, is my favorite hideaway spot. There I enjoy watching locals and tourists alike cliff diving from the relaxed atmosphere of the popular Rick's Cafe. As the evening dawns, and the seas quiet, it gives way to the golden glows of a perfect sunset. Then the evening awakens by the musical beats of the celebrated rhythm of Reggae. No matter how many times I visit, the nostalgia remains and I always leave feeling "Irie".

Bespoke Experience

Keturah L.

I take great pleasure in knowing that my clients are completely satisfied with my ability to bring their dream vacation to reality.

“Thank you for all your hard work. You have exceeded my expectations.”

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do…Explore. Dream. Discover.”

― Sarah Frances Brown